Monferrato Cycle Tour

Alto Monferrato, the border land between Piedmont and Liguria has always been appreciated in the food and wine world. In fact, the hills and mountains of this area give birth to world famous wines such as Barbera, Moscato and Brachetto. A landscape full of rhythms, traditions and flavours of the rural world opens up while cycling through the hills of Valle Belbo and Aquese. The route starts and ends in Nizza Monferrato, going towards Canelli along a smooth but busy road followed by a 14 km detour to Montabone. The 450m climb up the hill to the village centre is surrounded by vineyards. After reaching the village, the route descends again towards Terzo,followed by a 3 km ride on a busy road to Acqui Terme.  Leaving the spa town (a popular resort for its healing mud and thermal waters in the 18th Century found there since Roman times), head back towards Nizza Monferrato / Asti by following the signs towards Ricaldone, approximately a 5 km downhill ride.
At the junction of the chapel, the climb towards Maranzana reaches a plateau. Keep on going until you reach the crossing leading to Mombaruzzo) home of the Monferrato amaretti) where you start heading home.


Type of route:  circular, 49 km, asphalt road.
Depart:  Nizza Monferrato
Arrive:  Nizza Monferrato
Route:  Departure point, Montabone, Terzo, Aqui Terme, Ricaldone, Arrival.
Timing:  Not recommended in Winter.
Season:  Urban and country roads which can be quite busy (up to Montabone) and very busy (from Terzo to Aqui Terme).
Difficulty:  Medium / hard with uphill sections.
Cartography:  Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta – Regional Maps, 1:200,000, TCI
How to get here:  In Piedmon