The role of the Cantina

Sooner or later, every firm reaches an understanding of what it’s its aim and role. For the last 50 years, Cantina di Nizza Monferrato’s aim has been carrying over to our present the tradition and the secrets of the ancient way of “wine-making”. This was possible just by unravelling the secrets and techniques of wine-making – sometimes archaic and indefinite, often the result of the talent and the wisdom of those who know how, but not necessarily why – to hand down these methods and improve them with the help of the technology and new enological knowledge. This is a delicate task which includes

protecting the roots of this ancient culture from sources of betrayal, pollution, and trouble, in particular its unique hilly environment. Without forgetting the importance of growing and going towards the future. Slowly and surely, avoiding into fashions or nostalgic “revivals”, the winery has opened to change and to the interests of a new type of tourist eager to know and understand the wine he drinks. In this way, the Cantina di Nizza is both a witness to the past and an interpreter of the future of a part of Piedmontese culture and life.