New challenges

The Cantina di Nizza has always worked hard to keep its equipment and technology and, of course, its ideas, up to date, and equally importantly, striven to stay in the vanguard of selling and producing wine, while at the same time respecting the tradition of the region. The winery moved from the ancient vats of the Fifties to modern stainless steel tanks to guarantee fermentation under the best possible conditions, from the old hand wine-presses to the new pneumatic presses for a more gentle must extraction, from Dutch canvas sacks to modern cross-flow filtering systems in order to obtain the cleanest wines possible.

Moreover, it moved from a policy of selling to big bottling firms only to a renewed attention to the single consumer, the connoisseur and the “wine tourist”. Now the wine tourist may see the new, modern bulk wine pumps and a hi-tech tasting room, next to the traditional ageing cellar, smelling of the oak barrels which have held half a century-worth of wines. As always, the production of quality wine starts in the vineyards of which there are 550 hectares of vine, treated with the care and respect they deserve.