A shared dream

Establishing a cooperative winery is like founding a town. It is an important, almost heroic act, that will change the life of people involved and the place in which it is founded. It represents a different new way of working – working together in order to be protected, giving the work a wider significance and therefore increasing the value of the result of so much hard work: the wine. No more “my wine”, but “our wine”, the wine of a whole land.. In October 1955 in Nizza Monferrato, someone realised that gathering together all the farmers who had worked their vineyards for so long alone, might lead to something completely new. It meant improving the conditions of an often uncertain and usually hard occupation, while promoting even more the “wine from Nizza”. The Cantina sociale di Nizza Monferrato owes its foundation also to the pride and the local patriotism of its town and its people, who always lived for and believed in wine.

The founding members represented their land very well, including six farmers, a general, two lawyers, two accountants and one senior citizen. And the co-operative was so successful that the members numbered two hundred within a couple of years. Once established, the winery’s next step was to become a leading supply of some for the best of Italy’s wines, both to the home market and abroad. By the Seventies, the winery was one of the best-established in Piedmont and it began to modernise its equipment and update its wine-making techniques. From then onwards the winery kept on improving the quality of its production and of its vineyards, but especially kept up with the new needs of its market and the new drinking culture which was changing the face of the old Piedmont.