Ducatorosso Spumante

Fragrant sweet sparkling wine, naturally fizzy, with a sober ruby red colour. Its delicate bouquet is aromatic, reminiscent of moss and roses. It is agreeably sweet, never aggressive. Perfect with desserts.
Best served between 8°-10°C.

Grape variety: Brachetto 100%
Production area: Nizza Monferrato and surrounding areas
Vineyard position and altitude: 180/200 meters a.s.l.
Soil: Calcareous clayey marl
Wine training system: Cordon training on Guyot support
Vineyard age: From 10 to 20 years
Grape harvest: Hand-picked, once perfectly ripe, in the first half of September
Planting density: 80 quintals per hectare
Vinification and ageing: After a soft crushing of the grapes, there follows a maceration on the skins for 3-4 days so as to extract the desired colour; the must is then clarified and refined in stainless-steel tanks at 0°C until the sparkle is added in controlled- temperature autoclaves at a pressure of up to 4 bar
Tasting notes: Sweet, sparkling wine with a ruby red colour, delicate perlage, flowery with hints of cherries and roses. Sweet taste and a balanced freshness.
Alcohol content: 5% vol.
Pairings: This sparkling sweet wine is suitable for desserts, fresh and dried fruits. Serve at a temperature of 8-10°C.
Aging potential: 1 year
Bottle size available (lt): 0.75 L