Ruby red wine, with purplish reflexes. Its aroma is delicate and rich in fragrances of violets and cherries. The flavour is dry and graceful, with a touch of almond. Best served at a temperature of 16°C.

Grape variety: Dolcetto 100%
Production area: Nizza Monferrato and surrounding areas
Vineyard position and altitude: South, south-west 180/300 meters a.s.l
Soil:Sandy, clayey marl
Wine training system: Cordon training on Guyot support
Vineyard age: From 10 to 30 years
Grape harvest: Hand-picked, after late ripening, in the second half of September
Planting density: 90 quintals per hectare
Vinification and ageing: Traditional vinification, with a maceration of 10 days at a temperature of about 28°C , followed by malolactic fermentation . It is bottled in the spring after the harvest and kept in the bottle for at least three months before being putting on the market.
Tasting notes: A wine with a ruby red colour and purple hues, it has a delicate, extremely pleasant and personal aroma of violets and cherry. It has a dry and gracious taste; pleasant is its mildly almond vein. Its discreet body and moderate acidity reveal a strong and balanced character.
Alcohol content: 12.5% vol.
Pairings: Best with pasta and risotto, mushrooms, meat and stewed vegetable. To be served at 16°C.
Aging potential: 3 years
Bottle size available (lt): 0.75 L